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According to Loveis Respect.org, 1 in 3 teens will experience dating violence.According to the CDC, 23 percent of girls and 14 percent of boys will experience dating violence for the first time between 11 and 17 years old.

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A great way to do this is by showing up to their games, helping them practice, and helping with team fundraisers.One of the biggest problems in our society today is obesity, and it’s not just a problem with adults. Joining a team sport will help your teen get out and get some exercise without feeling pressured to lose weight or get in shape.Plus, if your teen sees that their physical condition is causing them to under-perform, they may be motivated to do other activities to get healthy.Getting your teen into a sport gives them an opportunity to go out and socialize.While they may not find a new best friend, they will learn how to interact and work as a team; something they’ll find useful later in life."He snatched the phone, and he started hitting me." Harris lived to tell her story, but 15-year-old Danielle Locklear died after her ex-boyfriend, Je'Michael Malloy, strangled her and tied weights to her body before dumping her in water.


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