Brannon braga dating jeri ryan

Seems pretty catty to me although she says it a bit more delicately.

I even saw one youtube video of Ryan and Garrett Wang (Ensign Kim) doing some sort of panel and him breaking down in tears because he wanted to end the problems between them. Despite her well done performance, she was never given the respect she deserves because very few folks could see past the eye candy factor.

I've heard that there was "tension" between the two actresses and that in-fact Kate made Jeri's life hell while on set.

The explanation Kate gives is that she didn't like the fact that this blond bombshell was brought on to introduce sex into the show.

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She described misgivings about Ryan's casting for the reasons already described, but eventually formed a friendship with Ryan herself.Produced by self-described fanboy Joe Braswell, the two hour documentary is painstakingly packed with a host of renowned crewmates including D. Most significantly however, the documentary will feature one of the final full-length interviews with Leonard Nimoy in which he shares on-set memories as well as his personal philosophy that spun out of five decades of playing Mister Spock. Braswell tells Trek “the real challenge was to make it compelling for the uninitiated without repeating some of the same things that have been done over and over.” Along with director Ian Roumain and Executive Producers Brian Volk-Weiss and Mark A Altman, “as historians, we’ve seen every single Trek documentary in existence.” They are determined to deliver something special for this significant anniversary.Volk-Weiss assures that “We focused on the talent and the crew of the entire series, so it had a scope that felt like 50 years of work, and not just one series or the movies. His answer is dispiriting, if not entirely surprising, and reveals some interesting details about how those shows were produced.It all comes down, it turns out, to the process required to remaster the shows in HD - which depends largely upon how the shows were made.Ryan and her ex-boyfriend, Brannon Braga, were stalked for a period of time between 2000-01, and she has since become an active advocate against the crime The sci-fi actress Jeri Ryan, perhaps best know for her turn on Star Trek: Voyager as the character Seven of Nine, dropped by the Toronto, Canada leg of Comic Con on Easter Saturday (April 14th) and was on the receiving end of a Q&A grilling from the audience.


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