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Maybe a leak about Harbaugh’s hold on the team had come out in the hours/days prior, and Harbaugh assumed York was the source.

One could easily see Harbaugh believing strongly that to be a “man,” one must say things to another man’s face instead of whispering (or texting) anonymously to reporters.

Kirchheim further pruned the collection by consigning both the Anatolian kilims and yellow-ground Konya fragments two groups that perhaps failed to live up to the excellence of the other weavings.

Many of the sale's 84 lots date to between the 17th and 19th centuries, yet pieces that look out of context in today's Orient Stars Collection continue to reach the parts of the market that other rugs can't reach over 70 percent of the lots in the sale found new owners.

And it would appear that Harbaugh and the 49ers parting ways had much more to do with a mutual dislike between Harbaugh and York than a power struggle between the former head coach and current general manager.

We don’t know if there was a specific reason why Harbaugh would give York the “men only” treatment.

It seems that being adopted didn't prevent The young boy from inheriting the infamous "West glare""It's my room, and I like it messy! Sometimes she was relatively certain that the only reason she hadn't done so already was because her son had the charm that all children possessed in order make adults see then as "adorable" a defense mechanism of sorts, allowing them to survive at least until they hit puberty."Mi corazon, this is my house, and my rules." The Half-Latina said calmly "So until you move out, you're going to have to live by them, ok? "Utterly frustrated, and on her wits end, Tori replied with a short, angry bark, "Because I said so! Horrified, she ran into her own room, running into her wife. "I said it" She said a little louder."Tori I can't hear you"Jade was shocked, she knew her wife hated to use swear words so something bad happened to make her this way, so she got up from the chair and walked over yo her wife who inmediately melted into her arms.

It’s uncertain whether Jim Harbaugh was referring to his players as “mighty men” and setting them apart from Jed York in that way, or if he meant to describe York as an adolescent to humiliate him in front of 50-odd people.

With the emphasis of the collection changing so significantly, it was inevitable that the collector would look to pass on his less important or later examples.

The 'cast-offs' included a number of 19th century and earlier Caucasian rugs and textiles; as with many collections made in Germany, these formed the starting point for Orient Stars.

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