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That way they're able to make whatever changes they deem necessary without people complaining (which includes scrapping a project if it's decided to not be worth it (for example if it's decided that there won't be enough users that will enjoy the enhancement.))) 27 sep 02 folks asked for a link to some kindo chat. 21 jan 03 Some folks even asked for a chat room that was IRC based. 12 may 03 NEW FEATURE: CHAT 12 may 03 webcam ability is also introduced. 07 jul 03 Other folks think it's not riske enough 11 feb 04 After asked if people can have sex on cam staff says "Go ahead. TOS says: User agrees to NOT use the Site to: Transmit any Content that is . SG never says what is going on and true chatters speak up (some are zotted for being enthusiastic in their speaking up). Once it's used amongst the masses of SG a few bugs are found and ironed out.Folks say that, while SG wants a chat room, it's way at the bottome of their to-do list. It's a simple jpg solution that is quite tough for noobs to get to work. This is an adult site." (I looked all over the boards and can't find any post saying that any of the SG staff feel otherwise. 23 jun 06 Sometimes chat would go down and the boards would explode with conversation.We welcome you to email us at the "Contact Us" page if you need any assistance or have problems. We will show welcome banners and invite a friend messages. Other Questions: If you have any other questions or need further assistance please use the "Contact Us" page. Police have arrested sex workers on the internet, seeking singles website fitness to meet this woman right.I have yet to finish the collection of posts that deal with webcams. (SG may or may not have been working on a chat room at this time. 29 mar 05 Chat's actually a lot better than people think it is.This is just the threads that talk about the chat room. 13 jun 02 Folks settle by making a chat room on AIM. SG has a history of not explaining what they're working on until they release it. 07 NOV 05 SG Chat, Webcams go on holiday (After two years of chat being up it's taken down while the site undergoes major maintenance for like 9 months) Chatters freak, then run to IRC for their fix. 10 jun 06 Once SG is done updating the site they let the chat room loose.

“I was one of the few people in LA who knew how to build and sell tech businesses, and became networked within the early-stage tech community in LA as a very active angel investor.” Jones also spent time in private equity with American Capital, where he participated in acquiring a company, running a company, and joining the board of a company.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Send a message and realize everyone doesn't come here everyday.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... While I strongly suggest You shield your child from your Dates at least till you find "The One". Not everyone took the time to link their private email with POF for updates and notifications.Im not takin anything personally, i was just wondering exactly what the protocol here is for back and forth communication. any suggestions would love it So it must be a problem with the site...? Ladies, it would make it a LOT easier for both the guys and gals if, when you got an unwanted message, just say no thanks or not interested or whatever. As a reminder to all and for the ones that like to give unsolicited profile reviews in any forum other than the Profile Review forum - knock it off AND read the Posting Clarifications Here As for the actual questions - the IM system should work, but, for the ones on certain/most cell phones it will not, for some, their web browser pop up blocker is unkwowingly set to block and won't receive it, some don't like to use it and don't have a clue how to turn it off, and for whatever is left over, they're probably ignoring or declining due to too many chat requests. No, sorry to say, they are receiving your messages but they are choosing not to reply. Just make a post in the profile reviews forum, and nice people there will help you out. To be fair, most don't pay attention to the chat feature here as it is riddiled with bugs at the best of times. You can try sending me a message to check out this theory. Well you already ARE sending messages and chat requests so the answer is no. Many ppl hide their profiles because it can get overwhelming with the flow of contacts.


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