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Ciudad Acuna is the Mexican city across the Rio Grande from Del Rio.In Ciudad Acuna you'll find entertaining nightspots, restaurants and the usual fun shops you find in the Mexican border towns. This winery was started in 1883 by Italian immigrants.“Upon conducting a check at the Port of Entry your child was observed crossing into the United State from Mexico to attend school. Your child will be withdrawn from the school immediately,” the notices read in part. to provide proof of residence in the United States.” About 200 notices were issued that morning.The orders had come from Del Rio’s new school superintendent, Kelt Cooper, who has made it a priority to root out Mexican residents attending school in his district.Other community outreach measures include: Self-defense classes and personal safety courses are offered by the DRDV program to females between the ages of 15 to 18 twice a year.

Paige proposed to former WWE star Alberto Del Rio in the ring after a match in October, and he came home from a recent trip to Austria with a very special gift for the New Year.

It is always our priority to implement a Safety Plan for the caller or victim.

DRDV implements classroom instruction through the Child Safe Project for pre-school aged children in Head Start programs and daycares.

We timed our trip to coincide with the annual Rock Art Foundation Rendezvous, a cornucopia of prehistoric art tours to intriguing places you can’t reach otherwise.

The San Antonio-based nonprofit foundation of about 800 members maintains relations with private ranchers to encourage rock art stewardship and provide public access to archeological sites.


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